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08-02-2013, 01:14 PM
Sorry Hinkie.
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Originally Posted by flyershockey View Post
The NFL has set a pretty serious precedent here. Not only are your responsible for your actions outside of NFL activities, but you're now responsible for whatever you say. I'm not condoning Cooper for saying what he said, but I have feeling this new found ideology is going to blow up in their face, especially with all the morons they employ.
I have my concerns as well about overly censoring player activities off the field, but everything is recorded now and reflects on the league. I don't love it, but there it is.

Let me put it bluntly:

I'm an Eagles fan-- and my interest (and thus my dollar) is very much impacted by how much I dislike this team by what I hear about the players.

The league understands that I'm not alone on this-- and wants my dollar back.

As a result, I haven't purchased any Eagles gear since an expensive Dawkins jersey (we're talking 15 years of fandom). Place that in distinction from the Flyers (whom I've met a few of -- but I know little about their opinions and lives)-- I have a lot of Flyers gear.

I'm not saying that my behaviour is correct, either. Maybe I'm wrong to be this way, but there it is.

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