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Originally Posted by Vicente View Post
For me it's kinda funny how some DR fans questioned the expectations of other KHL fans for Dinamo's next season and yet you guys are all not too optimistic yourself about the strength of your players yourselves.
I'm actually carefully optimistic. I think that trying-out (and potentially buying) Sedlacek was a smart move to get a decent second goalie (that maybe could even carry first goalie role if Telly doesn't do it). Sure he's small but well... with the money that Riga has for a second goalie, you can't expect anything that great. He's reasonably young and still improving and while Gudlevskis was still in the camp this movie maybe didn't make a lot of sense but now suddenly things have changed rapidly. I don't have enough confidence in Jučers to believe that he can be the saviour of us in the net anymore.

Hossa and Ozoliņš, Ņiživijs are more like partially PR deals to attract fans and add some identity to this no-name team as it was at the end of the season and with Karsums, Galviņš leaving, but Hossa has managed to play good hockey in Riga (and couldn't be too expensive after the last season), Ozoliņš worth as a player on ice diminishes with every year, of course, but he'll be a great help to Ābols in the locker room at least... and he still has skills. The same about Ņiživijs.

Wilson- your typical AHL team's topscorer that Riga buys. Last year stats might make some fans cautious but last year's AHL was also influenced by the lockout and Karsums last AHL season after he finally gave up his NHL dream wasn't that good either. Wilson is in the same position now, he knows that there will be no NHL for him and then it depends if he wants to ear big bucks in top clubs of KHL and show up in Riga this season or not.

Robinson has played in the Swedish Elitserien (or should I say SHL) and successfully. That doesn't mean he'll be successful in Riga (especially taking into account our luck with foreign d-men), but as was said- I think we have enough depth to just sack him if something goes not as planned.

And yeah, we also lack a winger (or Sprukts).

Things I like though is that this team has a good depth, maybe not for top 6 roles but for 3rd and 4th line definitely. Also we have promising players (Indrašis, Porejs or players that can still improve with experience (Meija and Džeriņš, or the old case with the underachiever Bukarts- of course we have expected them to explode for a few seasons now but Meija and Džeriņš definitely improved last year and Bukarts showed his qualities in the Cup of Hope) More quality players even lower down like Upītis who already surprised in the Cup of Hope or Liepāja's Kuzmenkovs and Siksna, even Tambijevs whom might be one-dimensional but they're more promising scoring-wise as last year's bunch of no talent checkers...

If Indrašis continues his last year's form, if Bukarts continues his Cup of Hope campaign, perhaps if we sign Sprukts after all... I think this could at least be an entertaining team.

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