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Originally Posted by aresknights View Post
I'm not counting on Herbst playing for the Knights this year.
But IF IF IF he does show well, a lot of options open up, as brought up here.
Play down a level for the year and play knights next year,
trade bait himself
Move Paterson and go with him or another as BUG.
HL if a kids good and can be trusted I'd go with him regardless of age. But ill admit earning Marks trust would be tough tough tough. I'm just one that doesn't play as much into the age thing. You can or can't. Not everyone agrees and I know history shows vets tend to be the goalies chosen but if a youngin is good, I'd play him. ( didnt Bo outplay every OHL vet as a 2nd yr kid?) I know a different position but my point is if ready and can be trusted go for it!
Again I'm counting on Herbst being ready for the knights this year- he's had a few surgeries and so much time off.

If he does come back quicker than thought do we keep Dark away from him

I think more along the line of experience more so then age,u used Horvat as an example well despite his age pre Ohl finals he had more then 150 games closer to 170
when u include previous mem cup exp,whereas Herbst would be lucky to have 20 or 30
Yes Horvat did outplay all OHL vets except Scheifele,my guess had Barrie won game 7 instead of London Horvat does not get playoff MVP,in fact had Griffith who was so mortally wounded after the Camara hit and Horvat missed game 7,and Scheifele and Camara,along with a healthy Zach Hall playing I doubt London wins that game 7,most hockey people i talk to agree,the healthiest team won not the best,happens all the time
I dont think Kghts should depend on Herbst at all for this season,unless a very secondary role ie 3rd goalie,if Patterson and or Stolarz cant cut it,go out and get one,dont rely on a 17 yr old with by then maybe limited experience
Another reference would be Fucale,at least he had 2 full yrs experience despite his age of 17 in the Mem Cup,like I said exp not age huge difference

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