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08-02-2013, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Ya we need to get bigger and tougher, but signing a bunch of bottom players will make your team worst, not better.
Hendricks will do what here exactly? Take over Briere's top 6-9 spot? Take over Gionta? You want to throw away top 9 scoring depth for someone that never once scored 10 goals in his career??
If you're talking about Hendricks taking over Moen, then hey, I'm all for it. But you're not here. You keep yapping away about how we need to get bigger and tougher with total disregard to what actually matters the most, getting BETTER.
Hendricks will do jack crap to help DD, or Plekanec. He will not be on their wing, and if he would be, then things are likely to be going very bad.

The targets were guys like Clarkson and Clowe. Bigger guys that can hit, fight and provide depth scoring. The problem is their price tag was incredibly high, ridiculously so. But you're not talking about them, you're talking about a 4th liner. We now have Prust, Moen, White and Parros for that line, that's enough.
We dont need more scoring, we were fourth in the league last year. Scoring is not out achilles heel, being able to bang and defense are. Again the prust signing, good or not ? Prust can play third line minutes, and I suspect that in nashville Henricks will be between 12-14 minutes a game.

This notion that since we cant get scorers who fight because of cost that its better to get one dimensional softies like Briere as opposed to less talented guys who WILL stand up for teamates is exactly what got us into this mess. Watch, one of our tough guys gets hurt next year and the habs are going to get ragdolled in the atlantic, and then next year you can sing the same refrain " I'm sure we are going to get bigger next year".

I'm not saying that Hendricks has some unique set of skills that a lot of people dont. but he would add size and was availble to meet a persistent need and we would not have had to give up anything for him and his cost is less than briere for twice the term.

this isnt bizzarro world, you dont get bigger and tougher by signing declinining marshmallow soft midgets at the tail end of their careers.

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