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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
When I said super heavy I was being sarcastic. I figured you'd catch on. He's just a 4th line energy player, moen esque.

Who said I was against Prust. I just feel with prust, white, parros, moen, etc... we should focus on top 9 guys who are physical not bottom 3 guys. Someone like morrow catches my attention 100X more than Hendricks.

Hendricks isn't a bad player by any means but he's not better than prust. Moen is less physical maybe but better hockey player and he's not a center so white maintains the C spot. It's that simple.

Habs need a Clarkson, morrow, etc... Not a Hendricks.

Briere is what he is but I'd rather sign briere than a 13th forward for us. At worse, briere can move out of the lineup and be benched but Hendricks will never ever be a top 6 player ever. There's a difference.
1) I never said hendricks was better than prust, i said the exact opposite. And if moen wont fight ( he wont) Hendricks >>>>>>Moen
2) if you want guys with jam in the top 9, how the hell does shrimpy briere fit into this need ?
3) I think the ship on Morrow has sailed, I'd be okay with him but only if he takes a short term deal. He's not going to get any younger.
4) Morrow and clarkson are not comparable at this point in their careers, and I would not take on clarksons contract the way it is now. I we kicked the tires, fine but I'm GLAD we are not saddled with that contract. if we cant sign guys like that the answer is not to sign guys we dont need like shrimpy.
5) there is no way shrimpy is in the press box as a 13th forward. 8 million for a guy to play sparingly makes the deal even worse.
6) I dont think Hendricks is going to channel his inner gordie howe any time soon. I understand what he brings to a team. It just so happens that what he brings is something the habs have lacked for quite some time and additionally its something that neither Parros nor Briere can contribute.

Watch, next year we are going to play a team in the regular season and they are going to run us out of the rink and then people will feign some sort of eureka moment and realize that we are too small and have been for some time. If we have to go out and get a grit guy in the regular season, its going to cost us an asset I dont want to give away or its going to be a much bigger overpayment.

If you are the leafs or the bruins and you see our top 9, why wouldnt they run us at every chance ?

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