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Originally Posted by gabeliscious View Post
i agree. he might even want more. i cant really get a sense with him if he is going to want to go for the jugular. it wouldnt shock me if he wanted $7.5 x 8 years. it really wouldnt. im prepared to $7 million x 5 or drop 1/2 million for every year added. he would be kind of scary though for 8 years at $6 million though.

i think you might be disappointed.

i dont see kessel signing for a penny under $7.5, i think closer to $8 million is more likely.

i dont see phaneuf signing for under $7 million. i hope he does but i dont see it.

why would gards sign a contract like that. it really sells himself short. if he picks up where he left off in the playoffs he isnt going to want to sign a deal like that longterm. you might get him at $3.5 on a bridge deal.

you might get mclemment at $1.75 million but it will probably take term. i think we might be able to keep bolland as well but it is going to take term. if clarkson took term over money to play in his hometown then maybe mclemment and bolland will follow suit but it will take 5 years or better for each which is kind of scary especially with bollands injury issues.

i think kulemins days are numbered and it will be a huge shame. if clarkson got $5.2 million x 7 years i dont see how kulemin doesnt at least get $4 million which is a little steep for a guy playing on the 3rd line. i suspect the leafs will only be able to keep 2 of kulemin, bolland, and mclemment baring some amazing cap moves by nonis (which i dont see happening)
I'm looking at other young dmen who took term for around 3.5 to 4 mil over 6-7 years, many of whom are better then Gards, plus he still hat 3-4 RFA years left so I think 3.5 to 4 is quite realistic. As for Phaneuf, I think him and his agent should take a look at Bowmeesters contract and have a hard time getting anything over 6.5.

I think it's realistic to see Kessel signing for 7.5 longterm, he has grown on the fans and seems to be more then capable of thriving on the pressure that T.O offers, sure he's a little awkward, but I think he loves it here with Bozie.

McClemment would be great here longterm, give him 1.75 for 4-5 years and I think he takes it. As for Kule and Bolland, I see more value in dealing them at the deadline for likely 1sts (great time to sell high) and I believe their roles can be filled from within quite easily.

Post deadline I see us around the 7 spot in the conference and 3 in the division at which point I believe Bollands role could be taken by Colborne and Kules role by Ashton and D'Amigo.

Bottom 6 of

D'Amigo - Mcclement - Ashton
McLaren - Colborne - Orr

While young, both players are more then capable of playing the defensive minutes because of Eakins strict defensive play. Smith would likely be the extra forward.

Apologies for any spelling mistakes, I'm on my phone.

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