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08-02-2013, 06:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Ilya Bryzastor View Post
I would love to ask every body in the media and every Eagles player , did you ever say the N-word in you're entire life, with a lie detector hooked up. Lets be real here , Alot of people have used the word before maybe not in public but they still said it which is the same. Lesean McCoy says he can't respect a guy like Cooper , but wtf is McCoy? the same guy who got people on twitter to harass his girlfriend , the same guy who kicked some girl off of a bus.
I wonder if people would be clamoring for McCoy to get kicked off the team & ran out of the league if it was him instead of Cooper? My point being is that Riley Cooper is basically a nobody it's easy to make an example out of him. I wonder if the media & the public would be calling for a star players head?

I also find it funny that McCoy & all of them were very welcoming to a convicted felon in Michael Vick who was on his like 2nd or 3rd second chance at that point but can't give Cooper who had no prior history of anything bad up until this incident a second chance. Hypocrisy at its best right there.

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