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08-02-2013, 06:25 PM
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Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
I wonder if people would be clamoring for McCoy to get kicked off the team & ran out of the league if it was him instead of Cooper? My point being is that Riley Cooper is basically a nobody it's easy to make an example out of him. I wonder if the media & the public would be calling for a star players head?

I also find it funny that McCoy & all of them were very welcoming to a convicted felon in Michael Vick who was on his like 2nd or 3rd second chance at that point but can't give Cooper who had no prior history of anything bad up until this incident a second chance. Hypocrisy at its best right there.
I don't think a black guy saying it is the same as a white guy. I don't think anyone should say it, but white has obviously racist undertones. I don't think that black people should say it either, let me state again. It doesn't make it okay to say, but Cooper being white makes a bad thing worse due to the history our country has. That is public perception.

It's been mentioned before, but I really wish the media would stop harping on interracial violence as a hot point. Violence is violence. Whether it's racially fueled, sexual orientation, political leanings, pizza toppings, violence is violence. The sooner people aren't so quick to say black on white crime, or white on black crime, the sooner we are to having a less prejudiced society.

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