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08-02-2013, 09:53 PM
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Word is that the offensive line is looking damn good so far. I have been reading a lot of good blurbs about Malecki. Could be a solid swing guy. Also that Gilbert has been doing well. I'm not a big Gilbert fan, but I hope he becomes a consistently good, serviceable tackle. I think what will help the young line is the zone blocking. We have the horses to be a tremendously effective zone blocking team. Not sure if this is common, but Tomlin, from what I'm reading, is making his o-linemen wear knee braces in practice. Good on him, IMO.

Worilds is hurt...again. I think he has been a solid player in the snaps he has received over the course of his career, but man, the injuries kill him every single year.

Also reading that Sanders is looking real especially. Could have a huge season coming up for him.

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Dwyer has shown up to camp/offseason activities overweight for three years in a row. During games he has to tap out often because he's out of breath. His work ethic is very questionable. He's not starter material, and assuming all the other RBs stay healthy I would not be surprised if Dwyer was cut after the preseason.
The thing with Dwyer is, yeah, what you're saying is correct, but he has the build to be a nice banger where he gets 10 carries or so a game, and especially in short yardage.

I just simply have never been able to get a read on Bell, even when I'd watch him in college. He's sort of weird. People compare him to Steven Jackson, and I'd absolutely cream myself if he even turns into something close to Steven Jackson. He does have that look though...Steven Jackson, Curtis Martin-esque type runner. By no means a burner, but can be effective running any place you need him to, and catching the ball. The blocking scheme should help tremendously.

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