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08-02-2013, 11:05 PM
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On the doak job update. I am about 95% sure I will be taking the Sr Tech Job overnight. The shift differential seems to be a sure thing (though, it's still unofficial until they confirm that). It'll be a big change, but I think long term it'd be good for me and my career.

Somewhat unrelated, I had an interview today about 40 minutes away from my house. I do love where I work, but all things being equal, I think I'd prefer to have at least some social interaction on a weekly basis. I'm not crazy about that commute (especially when my commute is currently 0), but, if they are willing to pay what I'm asking it's something I'd have to take under consideration. Evidently the lack of tech jobs in the area also leads to a lack of tech skill. Evidently they had been interviewing for 6 weeks for this job and he was very excited about my resume. He asked things about "How much would it cost for us to get you", and "When we saw your resume we wanted to bring you in right away". It'd be internal sys admin work, which is a big upgrade from a customer facing role, and company seems like its growing in the right direction. It's a corporate environment which would be a huge change for me. Probably my first time in a real corporate environment since I left my first job in 2007.

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