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Originally Posted by MaxHabs24 View Post
First of all, I will admit that I never watched Zach Fucale play, ever! (And please don't come with unoriginal comments such as '/thread')

So I was looking at his juniors stats with Halifax like his save % and GAA and the first thing that crossed my mind was: 'Is this guy really considered as a steal?'

Don't get me wrong, his stats aren't bad at all. I just find them average for a potentially 'best goalie of the draft' or 'future no. 1 goalie in the NHL'. or a franchise goalie like Craig Button said.

Zach Fucale
16 years old: 0.892% - 3.16 - 58gp
17 years old: 0.909% - 2.35 - 55gp

Some good stats when we look at it, but he couldn't do better with a monster team last season???

If we look at other top prospects goalies

Tristan Jarry
16 years old: 0.894% - 2.93 - 14gp
17 years old: 0.936% - 1.61 - 27gp

He was drafted 8 spots after Fucale. He played less games and he had some better stats with a western powerhouse like the Edmonton Oil Kings. Could he be way better than Fucale?

Malcolm Subban
16 years old: 0.900% - 3.16 - 32gp
17 years old: 0.923% - 2.50 - 39gp
18 years old: 0.934% - 2.14 - 46gp (after draft)

Better stats for Subban at 16 and 17 by far, but in a poll on this thread, Fucale won by a small margin, even with the stats I showed you.

My hypotheses:

-Maybe Fucale is overated
-Maybe Fucale is better when you watch him live than on paper
-Maybe Fucale is one of the reason why Halifax were great
-Even if Halifax were dominating the CHL, they weren't the best defensive team
-There is a reason why Fucale fell to the 34th spot if he was ranked way higher

I don't know what to think. Somebody told me he looked like a stud goalie when he's in the net, etc. But when I look at other goalies stats drafted in the first 2 rounds last couples of years, most of them are better than Fucale on paper.

So, I just want to know what you guys expect from him, what you say that makes him special, am I right or wrong about something, etc.?

I'm not hating on him. I want him to be good or great for ys, but I find it weird that we passed on guys like Zykov for such a dangerous gamble.
Tell me more about him. I red a lot of things about him but I still can't tell why he's supposed to be a future no. 1.

Thanks for your help.

EDIT: Do you guys expect him to make team Canada junior? (as a starter or backup) and how strong his next season will be with a different Mooseheads team?
first of all Zykov is Russian and with the gamble with the KHL it was foolish to take him , too much risk and with the extra picks in this solid draft I am not gambling

secondly your logic is totally flawed

goalies can either stop a puck or cant , regardless where they are drafted

he fell to 34th cause the draft was so deep , and picking goalies is not an exact science , many of the better ones were not first round picks , not drafed at all or later on picks

luckily Price has panned out cause how many goalies in the first round in the last 15 years have ? not many at all

but at 34 take the best ranked player on the board , he wont be ready for 3 years
he could be trade bait or maybe our #1 if Price doesnt gte the job done

this was a great pick at 34 for us witrh extra picks , we could afford to go for a home run

many goalies had horrible junior GAA and made it

but your stats are truthfully useless in rating him when they take 3-4 years to be NHL ready most times and many times its based on opportunity and being in the right situation

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