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08-03-2013, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by ObsessedCreative View Post
The thing that gets me in that video besides the obvious of him down in the butter fly FACING THE WRONG WAY... is the fact that he has his glove hand up in the air as if even if the isles player lifted the puck like it would matter or have a change of going on the net.

In that instance even if he is already way out of position why wouldnt that glove be on the ice and hugging the **** out of that post / side of the net ON THE ICE where the puck has a chance (and did) bank in off him.

Ughhhh just so much UGHHHHHH from him...
it really looks like he doesn't know he's facing backwards and his goal is to not let the puck get behind him. He is trying to cover the net as if it is still behind him. That's why his glove is up and that's why he makes a kick save.

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