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Originally Posted by Waffle Fries View Post
That's my fear with putting Bennett there. I don't want to stunt his development offensively by making him play that type of role. I'm less worried about putting Kunitz in that position because he is who he is as a player, and while that role might not let him play to all of his strengths, at least he already knows what all of his strengths are.
I'm less worried about it stunting him because I don't think he'll simply shuffle pucks along the boards. He's a better playmaker than Kunitz. I think he might be able to make that an even more dynamic line than Kunitz did.

Originally Posted by Waffle Fries View Post
But I agree that Kunitz is our second best shooter right now. It's actually kind of funny when you think about it that in 82 games with Geno/Neal last year he scored a career high of 26 goals. Then this year in 35 games being Sid's go to shooting option he scored 20.

I also agree that having one of Bennett or Dupuis as the main shooting option on a line isn't ideal. But at the same time, from 2009-2011, Crosby was the best goal scorer in the league. Having a playmaker like Bennett on his wing, may encourage him to shoot more, which really wouldn't be a bad thing.
That's true. But Sidney Crosby is also the best playmaker in the league. Kunitz and Bennett works both ways.

Originally Posted by Waffle Fries View Post
If Dupuis has to be in the top six, 14-87-19 9-71-18 is by far the best option we have. Like you said though, it does seem like something Dan would never consider. And 9-87-19 14-71-18 is a lot better than 14-87-9 19/36-71-18 in my opinion, so I guess that's what I have to root for.
That I agree with.

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