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Originally Posted by Darlon View Post
If I cared about how ridiculous I look on the ice, I would have stopped coming out after my first stick and puck where I fell like 20+ times. I've been wearing the fish bowl for as long as I've been playing. 99% of the time, I'm the only one. No one has given me **** nor do I give a **** what people think of me. I actually even like the way it looks.
I like the way bubbles look too, and that's why I wear one. I wasn't suggesting you should worry about what other people think, just merely pointing out that there's absolutely nothing wrong with caring about how you look. You know that though, because you wear a bubble and you like the way it looks.

Originally Posted by Guffaw View Post
I don't believe I suggested wearing something other than approved face protection designed for the sport of ice hockey. I think you misunderstood my comments. I'm saying be man enough to make your own decisions. Equipment is about protection and performance. Boys that still live under mommy and daddy's roof worry about appearance. Anyone "chirping"
equipment in adulthood is a punk and not worth worrying about.
Part of making your own decision is deciding if you think something looks good or not. Do you also think people that spend money get a suit tailored are boys still living under mommy and daddy's roof? After all, those people are clearly worrying too much about how they look...

As I said in response to the poster above, I'm not saying its bad to worry about safety and that you should be constantly trying to impress people with looks. I'm simply trying to correct the notion that it is taboo to worry about how you look.

No, hockey isn't a fashion show; but that doesn't mean it's wrong to want to look good.

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