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08-04-2013, 03:37 AM
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Why do we have to assume that MB played 'hardball' with PK?

Maybe just maybe, Bergevin actually let PK in on what his plan is and actually reasoned with PK in a very gentlemanly and respectful way.

It seemed like PK genuinely came around to the idea of the bridge contract, didn't sound like he begrudgingly signed it.

The whole thing was portrayed that MB was some stubborn mule hellbent on beating PK into the ground and showing him humility. Why does that have to be the sole narrative?

I think Berkshire's figures are a little fudged. I dont think the cap will increase as much as he's saying and I don't think PK would be making over 11 million in 6 years or whatever.

Still, I think the cap will increase enough that it should justify MB's decision. I think this deal will set a precedent that should be beneficial to us yet also doesn't have to be one that is inherently undermining to our stars.

And for the record, I was on board for the bridge deal right from square one so you know I'm not biased!

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