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08-04-2013, 11:02 AM
Mergus merganser
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Originally Posted by BowieSabresFan View Post
Jackson does not suck. He can still be quite effective in the right situations, and is a better inside runner than Spiller. Don't let your love of Spiller blind you to Jackson's talents.

Besides, it's not necessarily Jackson. Spiller needs another back to spell him a bit. The inside running game is not his strength. Let someone else do that.
May not be his strength, but it is no longer a weakness. This isn't 2011 when he thought he could just out run everyone. He did a great job last year running up the middle when he was given the chance.

That being said, I share your sentiment that Freddie is still a very useful back up RB that can be a mid-tier starter if CJ gets injured.

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