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08-04-2013, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Moskau View Post
My main problem with Myers is that I don't think 19 year old Myers was all that amazing to begin with. He started off great the first 10 or so games but defensively he went downhill from there in just that season alone.
Hyperbole much? The whole team regressed defensively with injuries to Gaustad/Hecht and Ruff shifting to a more top heavy lineup with Hecht-Connolly-Pominville as the first line in December.

Myers wasn't a great goal preventer his rookie year, but like Erik Karlsson, he was an undersized defenseman whose overall impact more than offset his just OK defense, especially because he was doing it against opposing top lines.

He has stretches every year where he looks great and a lot of that has to do with his skill but he simply doesn't have the Hockey IQ to be the dominant player he could be if he had a brain. There's nothing calm and collected about him and there never has been which is what worries me about him. Even at his best there is a huge difference between him and the top 30 or so defensemen in the league especially in the brains and poise department which are the two most important factors in being a defensemen.
****ing laughable.

His 2011 away from Morrisonn was monstrous and he was the team's least scored upon defenseman in 2012 despite playing with Regehr and Leopold all year. But apparently his good stretches are unsustainable, even though they're always double the length of the bad, and there's a clear divide between the two. His rock bottom months also correlate with playing with terrible defensive players (Morrisonn, Leopold) and Ruff's terrible summer development plan.

But I guess he's just dumb and unmotivated.

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