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Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
The season went to **** when Arnaud came back. He is day in day out the worst player on the field every single time and is also as payed as a DP on the cap. Our 3 midfielders have got to be Bernandello/Bernier/Felipe, to hell with Arnaud.

At the same time most of our wingers have become ****. Pisanu, Romero are worthless, there is the young Brazilian guy who hasn't play at all yet. Nyassi is just not a starter so you are left with only Mapp and Smith who are doing a good job most of the time.
Makes it hard to do a proper rotation with only 2 good players there.

Felipe had a lot of worthless game too. So when you have Arnaud and Felipe doing nothing in the midfield you are left with Bernier who is overplayed and who have to do everything.

A lack of a proper rotation didn't help either.

I would go back to 4-4-2
with Di Vaio and Paponi up front. (wenger sub)
Smith and Mapp on the wings (Nyassi as a sub for the end game)
Bernier and Hernan (when ready) in the midfield (Felipe Sub)
Defenders Brovsky CB(Rotation of Ferrari, Piscu, Nesta) Camara

With Bernier and Hernan in the midfield you can now have a rotation with Felipe instead of having to bring players like Arnaud or Warner.

With Piscu we will be able to rotate the CB, something we lack before too.

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