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Originally Posted by Guffaw View Post
Not so. It's risk vs reward. You chose the higher reward of better vision so accept the higher risk of injury when it happens. My issue with the half shield/no shield crew is the constant whining.

Putting more value on what strangers think of your appearance as an adult vs function, performance, and safety. Looking at that rationally I have to say that person is not as enlightened as me. If you look at other aspects of their life I'm guessing you'll find the same values as well. Flashy car over house, dumb reality show over educational program, horrible pop music vs something more cerebral. etc. They're appearance over substance. Like a baby. Look at the pretty object. It's a sign of a less advanced individual IMO.
Do you wear matching shoes when you go to the office? Matching clothes? Matching socks without holes in them?

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