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Originally Posted by InfoSeeker View Post
Really? I`m sure my kid won`t be haunted forever he doesn`t play PWAAA/AA.
If he is good enough, he will have 2 more years to prove that in Bantam without having to fork over anywhere between 2K to 6k in PWAAA/AA. If he`s good then he`s good.... PWAAA/AA or not. Bantam is another story, Midget AAA is based on performance in Bantam, not PeeWee.... I agree if you want to get on the Midget AAA radar then Bantam AA/AAA is a must... PWAA/AAA... not so much.

"IN GENERAL AND IF THE KIDS COMPARED ARE EQUAL IN ATHLETISM" If you think a kid who plays 2 yrs Pee-Wee AA/AAA won't have a competitive advantage over a kid who played H.S hockey or BB for 2 yrs, when he gets to Bantam, I'll let you live in your denial!

There is a reason why HQ is implementing this program, it's to provide better training and better preparation not to make $$. In Toronto, the same levels are $5k-$8K!

Just look at the young men that you know who were drafted this past June. How many didn't play summer AAA hockey and/or didn't do extra work??? None!!!

Therefore, if everything else is equal, if a kid receives 2 additional hours of training per week, per season, for 4 yrs, that kid will be better prepared for Midget.

My point is, if your kid is good enough to make Pee-wee AA/AAA from the get go and $$ is not a problem and he has the goods to go far, why not get this training over 4 yrs?

Anynow, my opinion....

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