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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
If you're 30 years old you're WAY too old to care what people think about your choice of hockey equipment.
Agreed. When those people pay your co-pay and comp you for the missed time at work, then they can tell you how to protect yourself. Personally, I'm a no-shield. Took mine off the last season because I couldn't see out of it. Yeah, I know, the irony of taking the shield off and exposing myself to potentially damaging my vision by a tipped puck, a high stick, etc. I'm in the process of shopping for one, but not sure what I want to commit to.

Originally Posted by PhilaFlyers View Post
"Hella duster"

Yeah if these are the people you're worried about making fun of you or whatever, I'd go ahead and wear the fishbowl
Do people really talk like this? Hella duster? (obviously not directed at you, but whoever made the original comment)

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