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Originally Posted by JOKER 192 View Post
Bruins fan coming in peace. As a bodybuilder I can tell you that 19 lbs in the off season would be very unrealistic. Eller has very likely been training with weights for years, which would make that type of gain even less likely.

The article leads one to believe that he gained that weight in the off season, but never actually says it. Remember the article says he was listed at 201 in the team guide, which as someone has already pointed out, was probably printed during the summer preceding last season. Which would probably have been his weight from the 11/12 season. Now this is a much more likely scenario. A seasoned natural weight trainer couldn't dream of putting on more than 5 lbs muscle in the off season time he has had since his injury.

Keep in mind his injury occurred on the 2nd of May , best case scenario he hit the gym 2 weeks later , now we must keep in mind there is no such thing as weight gain that is only muscle , increased body weight is largely due to increased body fat stores, glycogen and water. To gain more than an ounce of muscle per day is impossible due to the limits in turnover in the muscle cells , which is the process of breaking down damaged muscle cell protein and the creation of new and stronger ones. This is the rate for high intensity training, at this rate, assuming he started training around May the 20th, until lets say the 1st of August , that would make 72 days, x 1 ounce, would be 72 ounces, divided by the 16 ounces it takes to make a lb., that would give you 4.5 lbs., given the number of days. That is the realistic amount of natural weight gain a person could maximize in the given time.
Thanks for your detailed BroScience(tm) Bruins fan. It's exactly what this discussion was waiting for.

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