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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
I've been an Eller doubter the past couple of years but I'm changing my tune. I didn't really think he would achieve his upside. I thought he was going to bea great 3rd line centre and not really find his way onto the 2nd line. But I was wrong, he started to show it last year and from reading that article, I really love his attitude and outlook.

I love that he understands the importance of the mental side of the game. Also his focus on training and not worrying about money is important.

I think he's the ideal second line center behind Galchenyuk in 2-5 years from now. I'd be happy if he produces in the 55-65 point range as a second line center with some 50 point sub par seasons in there. It looks like he'll eventually be able to fill Pleks role, whereas Pleks had to be the #1 center. But Eller should be able to slide in behind Galchenyuk when he's ready and handle the tough d assignments while racking up a respectable amount of points.
Agreed. I see him as No. 2 behind Chuckie no. 1c in 2 years. Perfect cup window centers. This will be the last year there is any confusion on this.

The interesting position will then be 3rd line C. Not sure Pleks will be the guy. He will be traded for something we need in the cup window when Chuckie and Lars show they are ready.

DD? We'll see. I don't think he fits as no. 3 C. For me, the perfect no. 3 C was Carbo. Hugely D talented, with some dangerous scoring skill. DD just does not have the speed and strength to be a big D no. 3.

That leaves Dumont, Bournival, Nats...

Not bad. I think Dumont may become the 3rd line C during our window. He's a gars, and like Carbo, he has the scoring skill. And Like Carbo, he also has attitude, speed, and smarts. I love that kid.

So for me it's:


at center from 14-15. We can debate about who 4th line C X is. That's also of interest.

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