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08-05-2013, 07:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Guffaw View Post
Lol. I started a business a year ago and it's doing quite well. All of my time and $$ goes there. I also just had a daughter. Socks are the least of my worries .

Ooh I know maybe ill hire one of the cool kids that look flashy, use terms dangle and duster, and still live with their parents, and he can make a sock run! Lol. Silly kids. So opinionated yet still haven't paid a bill in their life
Now there's your problem; you seem to think that wanting to not look like a goof means trying to look flashy. OP isn't asking about fishbowls so he can be flashy, he's just getting opinions on whether or not he'll look stupid.

Would you wear clown shoes to your business?

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