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08-05-2013, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by cnshockey View Post
Already settled in to my apartment in New Hampshire. I've been to Reno a bit to play hockey as a kid. And I stopped there for coffee and the barista chick was hot so that was cool. Overall though I just hate Nevada. So hot and nothing to do. And I ESPECIALLY hate Vegas (and Pokey Reddick (And yes the two are connected)).

It was a fun trip but REALLY hard. 13 hrs on the road for 3 days then 8 the last. And then the next day I had to move all my **** in to my 3rd floor apartment that has no elevator. And had to move my roommates stuff in. So now it's time to relax a bit and do ****ing nothing for a while.

Also, my wireless network is called "NSA Research Center". Just for ***** and giggles.
I've been living in Vegas for 10 and a half years...and I STILL haven't gotten used to the heat... The one advantage is that it's a 24 hour city...and I can go grocery shopping at 2AM without getting bothered (either at the store or on the bus)... The winters are near perfect (almost like they were in Huntington Beach when I was there...minus the rain)...

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