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08-05-2013, 11:18 AM
Adam Warlock
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The thing that bugs me about Amaro is it doesnt seem like he has a plan...he is too much of a "lets just see what happens" GM. I think most phillies fans would be ok with this season being a wash if we had something to give us hope for next year and beyond, but there really has been no sign of that.

They have some talent from within (Ruf, Joseph, Franco, Biddle, Martin, etc), but not enough to build a contender with, even with Utley, Hamels, Lee, and Brown. They have no real assets to trade. Maybe they plan to buy big in Free Agency? Sure, guys like Ellsbury and Choo would be nice fits, but guys like that are going to get huge I dont see that happening unless some how they can move Howard.

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