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08-05-2013, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by JDinklage Morgoone View Post
I think people really overlook that trade because the Phillies got Lee back anyway. That was literally one of the worst, if not the worst, trade I have ever seen. I mean, given that Lee was coming off a great season, an even better postseason, and an excellent World Series showing, they sold him for pennies on the dollar. That haul was utter garbage. I was hoping to get someone like Justin Smoak or Dustin Ackley from the Mariners, not the heaping pile of **** that they got.

I don't remember if it was him or Gillick, but the Halladay trade and the original Lee trade were excellent trades. That crop of players I don't think will ever bring to their current teams what Roy and Cliff brought to the Phils.

edit: I guess Smoak wasn't on the Mariners when Lee was traded to them, they got him from the Rangers for Lee. My point still stands: someone of Smoak's ilk.
Amaro made both Lee trades and the Halladay deal, as you pointed out the first Lee deal was great. Didnt give up much and without him they dont go back to the World Series. Giving away a Cy Young pitcher for nothing who was making $9 million dollars should get you fired. Look at what the Rays got for Shields, they got Will ****ing Myers and another top 30 prospect. We're in hell until Ruben is canned.

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