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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Yeah, but Mike Green is also an example of how D's really isn't that talented anymore. He is seen as a top 3-5 D in terms of raw talent (but held lower in other areas).

But he just isn't that talented. If you look at explosiveness, stickhandling, speed etc he is way behind a Kovalchuk.

Karlsson is very talented, I would hold him a little notch above Zubov in Zubov's prime. Doughty in raw talent is up there with Blake/Pronger/Bourque. I think DD is a helluva gifted D. Subban is also very talented. But neither Subban nor DD are offensive wiz's.
Can't compare Green to Kovy, we're talking about offensive defenceman and the fact that they get bashed because they are less than stellar defensively.

That was a MAJOR knock on Leetch when he first arrived on the scene and into the 90's. He was knocked for his defensive game pre and post cup win. While he was never as bad as the critics alluded to, he was never a defensive standout.

My point is that until we get away from knocking guys that are less than stellar defensively, we are always going to have the problem of having too few real offensive defenceman such as Karlsson.

These guys need to be celebrated for what they CAN do and not frowned upon for what they cannot do.

Karlsson is not a great defensive defenceman, but he's not that bad either.

Mike Green before the injury bug decided to mess with him was similar. Before the groin issue, Mike Green was a fabulous skater (not Karlsson, but good regardless), had a cannon of a shot, offensive hockey IQ was sky high.

Left alot to be desired in the defensive zone, but you don't score 68 goals as a defenceman over a 3 year period by being a decent offensive defenceman.

I'd love to get an offensive defenceman in here that had the ability to post 50+ points and have the only off-set be that he's not that great defensively.

Would make the attack that much more dangerous.

I wonder who could fit that description on the Rangers now.


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