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11-04-2006, 11:02 PM
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Originally Posted by jagrstrakanylander View Post
Jagr is a winner and wants to win in NY... There's a reason why he will only play for New York for the rest of his career.. Shanny takes so much pressure off of Jagr, I'm sure he can feel nothing but relief that the Rangers provided him with another top notch scorer this year...

Eklund =
I dont know Eklund but everyone seems to say he wrong way more times than right.

I find great interest in watching away from the puck, watching how players react when the camera not on them, etc.

I believe that they dont care for each other. They rarely talk to each other on the ice. Cullen and Shanahan talk alot - Jagr and Straka talk alot, Jagr tells Nylander what to do alot. Its funny sit close or listen close to the game you can hear "Michael!" like a father scolding his son.

Jagr wants everyone to defer to him, but then loves to turn it around and act like hes just one of the guys.

I believe Shanahan is the N.A. leader and Jagr is the Euro leader. Example: Adam Hall will go to Shanahan before he goes to Jagr. Likewise but opposite for Prucha.

I believe this is partially why Rucchin didnt come back (from his POV), he never liked the stick raising and spoke out against it.

(By now you're thinking I am nuts or drunk. I assure you I am not the later.)

Watch Shanahan closely, he looks like he wants to tell everyone to f-off all the time, while Jagr tends to have some more fun. If Shanahan cracks a smile its for an instant then back to stone face. When opposing N.A.'s have an issue with a Ranger, the go to Shanahan. Pronger and Niedermeyer did it a few times the other night.

Dont get me wrong, its not a problem. Its just who they are. All of us have people we dont care for, but if they help us get where we're going, it all works out.

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