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Originally Posted by scoutman1 View Post
well i think every province is going to have something to nit pick at with the selection but Atlantic Canada so far seems to not have caught up to the times and the coaches even picked really are really terrible...I can not think of things right now of what has gone on but I do know every year im scratching my head on why a guy did not make a team and im not the only one thinking who are question marks on the team usually come out to have some connections with guys in the program of excellence.....even coaches in games at the U17s lets say I was at a game with atlantic they were down by 1 goal the coach puts the 4th line out with 30 seconds left (the 4th line had a kid on it who was connected as a great friend with the coaches son) just a lot needs to be looked over by hoceky nova scotia.
I think the major issue i would have with that kind of problem would be that there probably isnt a substantial amount of evidence showing a non-hpp player getting selection or advancing beyond the top HPP players - i would have to go back and do some digging to see if that is really the case, and if so it would mean some great players are really being missed or missing opportunity. I guess we are squabbling over the 4th line players either way. Although, to the players involved, that can be a pretty big deal when it comes to jr draft time or potential pro upside.

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