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08-06-2013, 01:47 AM
Yay hockey!
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Originally Posted by Dubi Doo View Post
The offense started off sloppy. EJ threw two interceptions. McKevlin ran one back for a touchdown. He was sacked a few times. The second team offense scored a few TD's, though.

As the game progressed EJ made some nice plays. He hit Graham deep for a touchdown over Gilmore. They have some chemistry. Goodwin looked amazing. He made a couple real nice plays. Rodgers also looked really good, but he was playing on the second team offense. He ran a deep route and was wide open, but Tuel under threw him. He still made the catch. He just didn't score a touchdown. If that was Manuel throwing that pass it's a touchdown. I didn't really notice Woods. Very excited about the receiving core going forward.

Choice looked good as well.

Dareus and Carrington seem like leaders out there. Woods (G) was also active on the sidelines.
I'm really glad to hear you say that, especially about Dareus, who I had (still have) extremely high hopes for coming out of the draft. He was my favorite player in his draft year and is my only current Bills player jersey (I have an old away Poz too).

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