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Originally Posted by Nac Mac Feegle View Post

There was a huge skill gap back then between not just teams, but the top line versus the rest of the team. And yes, that awful goaltending (although that equipment back then getting waterlogged and low visibility masks, etc, didn't exactly help, either) was comical.

Not to mention, what would happen today if we have those kind of line brawls and dirty, dirty play....or something a la Milbury in the stands whacking that poor sap with his shoe...

The game today is so fast and exciting...but I would dearly love to see that creativity of yesteryear. The game is simply being "overcoached". It's a game of mistakes...and no one is making mistakes.
I agree with you that today's game is overcoached; it's WAY overcoached. There is too much structure, and coaches are control freaks. They should just let the players play, show what they do best. It seems the only way scoring chances are created now is because of defensive mistakes. I also agree that the equipment the goalies had back then were almost crude compared to today; but I think there's a way they can have similar equipment to that today and still be kept "safe" and protected from major injury, outside of minor bumps and bruises.

If the players today wore the same equipment now they wore then, the game would be safer as they wouldn't be using their equipment as weapons. But players now are so much bigger, stronger and faster, I'm not sure how much difference that would make. The players are in so much better shape now than then; back then players used training camp to get into shape (part of that was some spend their offseasons running around partying), now they show up in camp already in shape.

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