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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
I have 3 photo-radar tickets. Just want them reduced if it's possible, I've heard people saying it is, but I'm unfamiliar with the process.

On Friday Strathcona had the entire battalion on Yellowhead and Henday as you turn down west to get on the head. They had there little spotter truck as you turned from Henday. I got zapped for tinted windows, even though I had them down which translates to segregation in my opinion. RCMP guy says he will do me the favor and not write me up for the 115 and go with the 57 instead. I think I have factory tint so I will fight that one if possible.

In Strathcona I got taxi drive stop ticket at a t intersection. Sherriff said I could go to the courts in the Park and try and plead down. I got one demerit off and about 100 bucks reduced. Just a cash cow period. The thing that irritates me is they pull the photo radar spots in areas that are 50 km/h and nobody does that speed period. So IMO that really isn't policing it is generating money for the city which is garbage. You could call the place that is run by the ex police guys to fight tickets and see. There can be up to 10 % error in the guns so if your close it might be worth a go. Good luck.
I heard that if your windows are down when they come to your window that they can't give you a ticket.

Although the whole tinted window thing is BS. You should be able to see the driver, if you can't because of tint you should be fined and given a sticker like the accident ones. It's a safety hazard.

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