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Originally Posted by mrjimmyg89 View Post
We got plan B, which is 11 games and are 12 rows of the ice. Cost 200 a seat. We can move back next year, and without a doubt will try for the 200s. Cost of them now to get in the door outweighs that of getting 200s next season with nothing. Two payments for the mini plan. In the end, we called the main line and got info on it and it was the same. Did not feel genuine from him. Glad it is over. The plans are on the Rangers site now. Price was steep, but we are in the door now.
Originally Posted by mrjimmyg89 View Post
We were told we can move next season before public and deposits go. You get that as a mini plan holder. Something should be open in the 200s. I advise to get one if you can pay a larger sum up front so you can move back in the future for anyone looking at getting a plan. Plan D should have a lot of seats left. Get those and get a better shot at a plan for cheaper next season. We would have done that if there was nothing in A, B, or C
Originally Posted by Nash Money View Post
I did a mini-plan last year to get a foot in the door (and at only 6 games!), then put a deposit down for this year, and was given a chance for season tix before all but current season subscribers, and half season subscribers. Admittedly there wasn't a ton left, so if you're set on 200s, you may aim for a half next year, the season the following year.
So much great help guys! I guess though, $200 a seat times 2 seats times 10 games is still steep for me. That's $4000 tied up for games that I may be only able to attend a few (especially if it's D).

May be best for me to hold off for another year or so and cross my fingers. I also heard that if you cannot attend, reselling the lowers are bit more difficult to get back your full investment compared to uppers. If that true?

Also, if anyone of you have the Detroit Red Wings tickets for sale (both games) .... that would be wonderful. Just saying.... PMs are welcomed.

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