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Originally Posted by Mota View Post
Oswalt was nasty after they got him. H20 was absolutely dominant down the stretch that year...all three pitchers were at their best at the same time. That team was also borderline at the time of the deadline, so Oswalt was a big part of them winning the division.

The only thing that makes the Pence deal bad is that they traded him for scrubs the next year. For what they gave up for him, trading him last year made no sense. Pence is still a very good player in his prime, and wouldve made this a better team this year.

I dont mind the big trades Ruben made. There was an obvious window of time to win a championship, and he wanted to make the most of it. Where Ruben has been terrible has been making the small moves...signing guys, bringing in the right role players, drafting, etc. Some of the best moves Gillick made were way under the radar...and thats what you need to win a championship.
Pence is an ok player and he's 30, his prime is over.

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