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08-06-2013, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by AngryBoss View Post
Not a creatine user in any way, but I do work in biology, though. Very weak study, IMHO.

First the dosage: they use 25g/day, which is much higher than the usual 5-10. My guess is that they tried those levels and didn't find anything.

Second, the statistical evidence is weak. If you actually plot the data, you'll see the error bars are as large as the variations they are trying to measure. So they say +50% on something where they do have a 40-45% measurement error. It's like saying you gained 5 pounds but your scale has a 4.5 pounds precision. Something is happening, all right, but it is barely significant.

So yeah, just stick to whatever creatine works for you, don't go over 5-10g/day and you will be fine. If it doesn't work or cause problems, maybe you already have a naturally higher creatine level, or you are more sensitive to it, so don't bother.

And it's true, the company will say 20g/day is OK, just don't follow their advice. They want to sell more, so they need you to use more.

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