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08-06-2013, 02:02 PM
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I put on skates for the first time this past February at the age of 47. I've probably been to public skate 30-35 times since. I've likely learned fairly slowly as I was overly afraid of falling and breaking something.

I have watched a lot of videos on YouTube to guide my learning. With a lot of overlap on this list, my order of learning was....

1. Forward skating with gliding turns.
2. Snow plow stops.
3. Hockey stop on one side. (This came early for me due to three winters of snow skiing from my childhood). Stopping on the other side seemed impossible early on.
4. Forward to backward transition on one side. Still weak on the other side.
5. Backward swizzles.
6. Forward crossovers (took a long time to even attempt, mostly due to lack of courage)
7. Much improved backward skating & forward strides
8. Backwards crossovers are a current work-in-process. Getting pretty good on one side and think I'll get the other side soon.

My backward crossover on the good side is now probably better than either direction of forward crossover. I need lots of improvement on transitions.

My goal is to skate well enough to try an intro-to-hockey program in the Fall.

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