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08-06-2013, 02:35 PM
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Exactly, the league is changing so fast that the actual CBA is kinda obsolete. So they a create new rules like the new rule to keep an important player on the team while paying him outside off the cap space.

Originally Posted by gelu88 View Post
It's no surpirse the "rules" have become so convoluted.

When the previous CBA was signed in 2010( only weeks away from a disastrous lockout) the league was a very different place. Seattle just came in, the KC "wizards" still sucked. and attendance increases were slow and steady.

Then, with the arrival on Philly, Montreal, Portland and Vancouver, New signings and increased media presence, the situation has really changed.

There is much more money and much more ambition than the CBA is able to deal with. No way a deal like Dempsey would have been thought possible.

That's why they've kludged together all these procedures.

They can't just tear up the CBA, its valid till fall 2014.

But when that day comes, I expect a complete revamp.

With so many different voices with very different resources and priorities (including Yankees/Manchester) Whatever they propose to the players will be very different than what we are working with.

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