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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
You're trying awfully hard to dismiss the idea of Larsson making the team. Do you have some sort of issue with him?

1) Why are we going to carry 8 dmen? And even if we did, why would this prevent Larsson from making the team? Not only will we carry 8 dmen but we are also going to sign a UFA forward to take the last spot as well.

2) Why would Larsson get the spot of Tropp or Armia? Because the likely opening is a bottom 6 center spot and they aren't centers. Armia and Tropp's only realistic shot at making the team is if Vanek gets traded . I don't see how they make it otherwise with Stafford, Leino, Flynn, Kaleta in the mix for the RW spots. On the LW its Vanek, Ennis, Ott, Foligno, Larsson in the mix and even Leino here as well.
I don't have any issues with him at all, as you might have seen from reading my earlier posts I want him to be one of our go-to guys in Rochester. And I think that does more for him than playing bottom-six on an NHL-team that will most likely be struggling to score a lot, a situation where it will be tough for him to develop the offense side of his game.

And when I look at Larsson, I see a guy who scored 41 points in the AHL, which is decent but not great, and who Rochester fans say was okay in his time there last season, but not great. Those are not bad numbers/reports at all, but I think they shouldn't make a player like him a lock to be in the NHL, not even close. I'd rather sign another plug forward or two and let Larsson come into the NHL if injuries hit, than basically gifting him a spot after the organisation didn't have more than a few games to evaluate him yet.
I want Larsson to become the best player possible and I think the best way to do this is to let him further develop his game in the AHL, a league where he has only spent one season in so far anyway.

Edit: Yeah the 8 D-Men thing might have been wrong, the number was based on the assumption that Ristolainen would be in Buffalo next year and obviously this isn't necessarily the case. But 7 D-Men or 8, it doesn't really change my point as I don't think it would mean that much for Larssons role if there is a 14th Forward spot or not, the team won't want him to sit in the press-box most nights.

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