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08-06-2013, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by CSKA1974 View Post
I had an opportunity to read an interview on Below are the snippets:

When asked about his tenure in Philadelphia: "I am not going to answer this question, since it might be translated and misinterpreted. Flyers tryed to change my game and it was very hard.
On job opportunities: "I have several offers from the NHL and KHL. I would prefer to stay in the North America and my agent has been working on it."

The coach that he is working with said: "His problems appeared because he was on the wrong way including his basic goalie stance. To my surprise, he understood quickly and started improving almost immediately, everything went well, as I hoped.

Today I had an opportunity to see his real potential, and I am confident that we will solve his problems. He is an excellent goalie and an outstanding personality."

May be there is something about Flyers goalie coach that is not conducive to develop an elite goalie? Bob unlocked his potential after he had left Flyers....
No "maybe". DEFINATELY. It was so obvious watching this team the last 2 years. jeff reese is brain damaged, not that it is shocking that a horrible nhl goalie would make a horrible evaluator. What is shocking is the amount of people who blamed our goalies for everything especially considering their play before and after their experiences here. bad contracts are one thing, but play is another and they are not to be confused which they were recently. There's only so many adjustments to be made when half your team is AHL caliber which is what happened a year ago but there is definitely something wrong with the way we approach that position here. our philosophy is ridiculous and it seems to have spread like a virus. I love this team but this is the only thing that really pisses me off about us.

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