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08-06-2013, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
Somewhat positive news on the concussion front. I went through a battery of tests at UB on Monday. I believe its the same ones they did on Connolly that discovered the issues he had outside of the concussion (TMJ, neck issues). No TMJ and it looks like my brain is healed but I have issues with my cervical spine and the muscles around it from the whiplash. I also have deficits with my vestibular system (balance). Didn't realize they were as bad as they are. Man there is no where to hide with those tests. I'm going for PT on my cervical spine and also vestibular therapy.

I've also been cleared to do 20mins of cardio on a stationary bike 6 days a week with my heart rate between 125-130bpm. Which is awesome since I've been doing almost nothing since the injury March 8th. Its also good to know that the cervical spine issues can be addressed with PT to elevate the symptoms and my balance can be getting back to normal (for a 42 year old male). It feels AWESOME to feel be back in the game so to speak. That I can be a much more active participant in my recovery. Only negative was I couldn't get started on the PT until early Sept.
It's been such a long and winding road for you. Glad to see you're on a path to better health.


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