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Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
Why Bernie? And this applies to everyone on here questioning this, JTown too.

One question: How many times did you see Nurse, Ristolainen and Morin play a game live - in the rink? I'll go out on a limb and say 'zero.' Me too.

As much as the draft is still a crapshoot, projecting how a guy at 17 or 18 will be when he's 25, these guys see them play so much, and have so much experience that all you can do is follow Morin around, watch him play 15 times live, talk to his coaches, meet his family, interview him at the combine and get a sense of the man inside the boy.

None of us has 1/100th of the information or insight into all these players that the scouts do. I'm sure they have ALL their games on video, probably broken down by shift. They know their skills, how they play in different situations, and most importantly from seeing them play live - how they play away from the puck.

You can never really tell how a good a guy is until you see him play live. Many times. On the road and at home. The scouts do. All we can do as fans is trust they go with their gut instincts and pick the right guys.
Exactly. It's also a major factor that Morin just turned 18. Ristolainen and Jones have been playing the entire season at 18 years old. They have about nine months of development on Morin.

It's such a crapshoot, and there are so many variables. People around here get way too caught up in what Bob McKenzie and Central Scouting have to say. But it's extremely subjective, and there is WAY more variance in the rankings from team to team than people would like to believe.

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