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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
im actually so convinced that the draft is a crapshoot that i could pick anyone from the board to be in charge of it and im sure over years they would have the same success in drafting.

The truth is this, all sports drafts are about perceived value. IT doesnt matter if you think morin is the best player at 11 and no one else does. 1 teams opinion on value does not matter. What matters is the general consensus or perceived value of said player. Why? because then you know where you stand. If you look at mock drafts or at player rankings the biggest change in percevied value for players was morin. the flyers valued him more than any other team and it showed. The general consensus would have said otherwise.
Montreal tried trading up to select Morin twice. First with Vancouver at #9 & then with us at #11.

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