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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
im actually so convinced that the draft is a crapshoot that i could pick anyone from the board to be in charge of it and im sure over years they would have the same success in drafting.

The truth is this, all sports drafts are about perceived value. IT doesnt matter if you think morin is the best player at 11 and no one else does. 1 teams opinion on value does not matter. What matters is the general consensus or perceived value of said player. Why? because then you know where you stand. If you look at mock drafts or at player rankings the biggest change in percevied value for players was morin. the flyers valued him more than any other team and it showed. The general consensus would have said otherwise.
Well, I think you could not be more misguided in having this view. The scouts are professionals who see these kids many, many times and have access to them and all kinds of information on them.

It is certainly not a science, but having experienced hockey men with proven track records in finding good players is the key. Yes, it's perception, but it's not perception in a vacuum. As I said in my previous post, you can't really know how well a Dman, for example, can control a game until you see them live.

I'm old. I always loved Mark Howe. Then I watched him live for the first time, from high up in the end seats and gained a whole new level of appreciation of how great he really was. He controlled everything that happened on his half of the ice. Completely.

Same with forwards - you can't watch them away from the puck unless you are there. You can see who can skate and how they play from watching TV clips, but you can't really know, and to think you can just belies a lack of understanding of how much they put into it.

It might be that we can read mock drafts and try to rate players, but there is a reason that media sites like TSN have as good lists: they talk to the scouts from all the teams.

There might be a general consensus, but the reality hits as Pryor said, 'we have to get this right on Sunday.' When the GM gets up to make the pick, what anyone else thinks is irrelevant, the only thing that matters is what your scouts have seen and felt and you pick who they think is going to be the best player 5-8 years from now.

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