Thread: Player Discussion: How good of a goal scorer IS Thomas Vanek?
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08-07-2013, 01:29 AM
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Originally Posted by jBuds View Post
I had a major epiphany about a month and a half ago, about his play and about the approach I want taken with him, was basically your post. Scary.

but I've also leaned more and more heavily towards the "NOBODY....should be given a contract longer than five years" (with a handful of rare exceptions of skill/age combo 6)...drafting well, developing well, and being able to adapt to situations that call for extensions or what have you.

A four year deal would be sweet.


You'll also have a contingent of posters who think that Vanek's style of play (his prolific scoring in the slot, at the crease, in tight spaces) is conducive to a long term extension. Some would argue that he takes a heavy punishment and would be a bit risky.
I agree long term deals are a risk but I think it would take another long term big $ deal to get him to stay.As for his play style, yes he does get his bumps and bruises but over his 8 year career he has played in 94% of the Sabres games in that time frame.He is able to play through those minor things and still contribute.I know this team is a couple years away but it isn't like Vanek is in his mid 30's, he's only 29!In 3 years when this team should be ready to compete, he will only be 32 and most likely still a 35 goal,70 point scorer.All cup contending teams need that top line goal scorer who can put the puck in the net often.It will just be way too difficult to find an elite goal scorer like him, especially since it took a top 5 pick in the best draft of all time to even get Vanek.

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