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Originally Posted by Drewbackatu View Post
The general point that was being made earlier is that our drafts haven't been all that much better since Gorton got involved in 2007. Personally, I don't have any point here at all. I was just wondering what your opinion was of Miller and McIIrath.
I think our drafts have been good both before and after Gorton got involved.

I only object against Gorton being seen as a big upgrade against what we had before. I am not sold at all on that description. You can critizise the regime pre-Gorton -- if you look at 1st round picks (and loosing Blackburn does not help that record). Why you should only look at first round picks before that is beyond me.

The guys before Gorton drafted the core of this team, or players that was moved for the core of this team (AA and Dubinsky). From 2000 to 2006 we got: Hank, Tyutin, Staal, Callahan, Korpikoski, Dubi, AA, Sauer, Dawes, Zidlicky, Prucha, Ortmayer, Pyatt, Hollweg, Dom Moore and Corey Potter, along with a few others.

Seven drafts, we where without a 1st rounder in two of them and lost another to injury. We got 1 franchise player, 4 top-4 D's (not counting Potter who played alot for EDM last season), our captain, 4 top 2 line forwards. That is eight very good players in seven drafts (Hank, Staal, Cally, Dubi, AA, Zidlicky, Sauer and Korpikoski). We on avg got a -- real elite player -- every other draft (Staal, Hank and Cally). On top of that we got around 10 players who came in and played alot in this league. 1.5 depth players per draft.

Let me tell you, that is a very good record. Nothing else. If you can keep that up, you will ice a very good team in the NHL.

To keep the ratio we had before Gorton with Gorton, quite many of the players that are on the verge now must just make it and become top 6 forwards or top 4 D's. At least 4 of Kreider, Miller, McIlrath, Thomas, Fasth, Skjei, Nieves, MSC, Andersson or the players drafted this year. I would probably bet on that exactly four of those guys will become that good, but its perfectly possible that its only 3 and it might be 5. I would be suprised if it was 6. So I do think its hard to argue that Gorton even have done a better job than the guys before him. Time will tell.

With that said, I am perfectly content with Gorton.

Originally Posted by JohnC View Post
This hurts my heart
After not bothering 1000's of posts in relation to Jessiman, I once and for all would like to state that people who didn't follow the NHL closely from say 1997-2003 should not comment on the pick of Hugh Jessiman.

Just a few random observations:
-You could count the good small players in the league on one hand, MSL, Steve Sullivan, Marty Straka, and???

-The number of players 5'11 or smaller that contribute today in the NHL must be so many more than they where in 2003.

-Skill had very marginal impact unless it came from Forsberg, Sakic, Modano, Yzerman, a younger Lecavalier or guys like that.

Calgary made the Stanley Cup Finals with the following forwards (in scoring order):
Lowry (!)

A half talented forward 5'11 to 6'1 had about zero value from a contenders point of view. You see 5-6 of them on every roster nowadays.

-While we had come to a point where every other team in this league had reverted to a no-misstake trap/extreme havoc style, while the PO's had turned into pre-historic wars on ice, while size and not making misstakes where all that mattered -- we drafted a 6'6 winger with good attitude, toughness and who could actually play the game. Didn't look flawed when skating.

-We drafted Jessiman at a time drafting Zach Parise or Mike Richards more or less were seen as drafting a KHLer today, ie picking someone with a huge risk connected to them (the risk of them not making it because of their size being compareable to the risk of a Russian staying in the KHL nowadays).

-Go back to the drafts of which the kids entered and played in the NHL during the trapping era, how many good forwards smaller than 6'1 made it in the NHL? They are more or less rare, or players 5'11-6' who are "bigger" if you get what I mean...

You just cannot compare a draft pick made during the trapping era in 2003 with how the same player looked two years later in a completely changed game.

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