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08-07-2013, 08:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Its called criticism. Deal with it. I havent met one successful person that hasnt. I don't see people over here ******** all over these kids. I see plenty of legitimate questions and concerns followed by snippy rebuttals about how these guys are young, or misused, or waiting to break out. Excuses. Whenever your counterargument is "Well, it could be worse," you've already lost the argument. I think Clark is doing an OK job given the circumstances, which involve a GM consistently stealing money out of his budget to pay people not to play hockey.

OK jobs dont win championships.
I was only playing a little devil's advocate BRB. You don't need to go off the deep end on me.

I will say this in response to your were and probably still are a pretty big defender of Torts and his decisions. You mention how Clark has done an OK job and you criticize him for it...but his OK work helped contribute to a team that made it to the ECF in 2012, something you made sure you had reminded us of on more than one occasion during this past season when Torts was being criticized as part of his defense. The same defense works for Clark then.

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