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To be honest, I'd say half the drivers on the road today don't even make eye contact with the other driver when they should be (e.g. at intersections, turning, merging). It's like the first road rule they teach you during driving lessons.
Yep, but should one really be shocked. The habits that are out there are just horrid. I took a trainer course couple years back and we had to make a list of things that were simply wrong. It was said to see how much you can't write down in a hour.

Major issues that we saw was the eye contact, not just with drivers but pedestrians. Lights, people seem to think they are only designed for night time. Worse thing car manufactures ever did was those stupid censors that magically turn lights on. Other big issue was following space. 3 seconds is what most are taught, most courses that you take beyond driver training is min 4 seconds, but the majority leave 2 seconds or less.

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