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08-07-2013, 08:37 AM
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Originally Posted by billyhauntswizards View Post
well outside of franchises that keep picking in the top 10 where are these teams that are finding all this elite talent? Pretty hard to stock up on this talent when the highest you've drafted in 10 years is 10th overall....
Plenty of other teams have drafted franchise-type players outside the top 10. What you're trying to convey here is a bunch of ********, and an easy way out.

The Rangers have drafted 2 of these types of players in the last 30 years. Amonte and Kovalev. And they played their best hockey outside of this organization.

The inability to draft and develop blue chip forwards has haunted this franchise for decades. You'd think a crappy excuse like "Well, its tough to do when you're drafting outside the top 10," wouldnt fly by now.

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