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Originally Posted by Psuhockey View Post
Why is it because the others were ranked higher by all the services or personal viewings? Just a quick word on the services: these are scouts who more than likely are (never made it) or were not good enough (fired for one reason or anther) to make it to the NHL. If they were good enough, they would be make more money in the big leagues than working for CS or ISS or whatever in all likelihood. The other point is that there is zero pressure for these ranking services. If a pro team is wrong, there will be layoffs as poor scouting leads to waste of assets and money and can cripple a franchise. Does anybody really notice if central scouting gets something wrong and does anybody care enough to have guys fired? The pro teams scouts probably look into more detail into things like personality, work ethic, sign ability, on and off ice demeanor than the services because their jobs literally depend on it.
Just to clarify: there is a big difference between NHL Central Scouting Bureau and other website based services like ISS, RedLine, etc.

Central Scouting Bureau is a department of the NHL: a staff of professional scouts working for the NHL to help save the teams money on scouting.

Teams like the Flyers have a lot of money to spend on their own scouts to augment the reports they get from the CSB, but I'm sure they also use the CSB detailed reports as part of their info gathering. We only see the CSB lists, but I'm pretty sure there are more detailed reports available on the players that the teams have exclusive access too, as filed by the pro scouts working for CSB.

Teams with less money to spend have to rely more on the CSB rankings, since they don't have the small army of scouts with unlimited airfare and hotel resources available to them that the richer teams do.

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